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New Event - Tribal Immersion

A mass of tribal flavours from Bodhaia's eclectic style, all in one, wonderful dance-packed day. What more could you ask for on a Bank Holiday?

Sunday 24th May 2009, South Kilworth, Leics/Warks/Northants border.

Workshop 1:
10.30 - 1pm - Improvisational Masterclass: Fun with Formations and Floorwork
Fun twists layered onto the ATS format that will add some exciting dynamics to an improvised performance.

Workshop 2:
2.00pm - 3.15pm - Sword
3.30pm - 4.45pm - Skirt
5.00pm - 6.30pm - Candle
All-new combos taught for the first time, some of which will utilise the material covered in Workshop 1.  Back-to-back classes on powerful sword, upbeat skirt, and meditative candle is guaranteed to invoke the tribal magic in you. As always, the technique of every move will be broken down and drilled, and every combo is cued for improvised performance.

6.30pm onwards -  Free Dance/Mini-showbacks
Put on your costume, try out the moves you've learnt in the day, show us some of your own, or just dance away with your friends loving the whole tribal connection. :)

BellyNut Tribal bazaar will be available throughout the day during breaks, and during the evening.  Tea and coffee from the start to the finish of the workshops and an organic, vegan lunch is included in the price.  Bring your own drinks/snacks for during the mini-hafla.

All workshops are open level and, other than the skirt, shouldn't be any more aerobically demanding than one of my classes (there are a lot of hours to be dancing in there!).

Strictly limited to 18 places.
Book by 31st March for a discounted price of £45 for the whole day. Payment via paypal or cheque in advance.

To book your space, your performance, or to ask any questions, please give me a call: 07788 925074, leave a message, and I'll call you back.

Many thanks,
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