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Still need help!!!

Hi ladies,
We still need your help!

We've got an emergency.
We're putting on an annual belly dance show as part of town's carnival, and this year we've decided to try something different and incorporate the dances into a play.
Problem is two of the dancers seem to have dropped off the face of the earth and we can't get hold of them! They were scripted to do a pirate belly dance.

Would anyone be available on Monday 24th of August, 7-9pm to fill in and do a pirate dance?!?!

The show is in Malmesbury, Wiltshire (SN16), just north of M4 junction 17.

Performance is indoors, in the Malmesbury Town Hall. Parking is not an issue - the main car park is right outside the hall.
Skill level is not really important - most of us are beginners, some are more intermediate level.
I have the music (the track is about 3.5 mins long), or you can bring your own; we can help you to write the dance or you can write your own - doesn't matter as long as it's piratey!

We're only a small group and all of our girls are already doing other dances either before or after this pirate dance, so a costume change would be impossible :(

Can anyone HELP PLEASE?!

Thanks in advance
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