ababalond (ababalond) wrote in union_raks,

An Inquiry upon the styles of Oriental Dance???

I've recently become interested in Oriental dance and have been learning from Neena and Veenas "Discover Bellydance" boxset. Now I was under the impression they were teaching the steps and moves of the Egyptian Style, but I've been told their style is that of "Cabaret", which is I assume, a relatively recent style, but what are the Cabaret style influences?

Has anyone watched Neena and Veena, and what style they practice?

I was mistaken that gypsy was tribal, which I was educated was not the case?

I am getting increasingly confused now...! <:S Does anyone who is versed in the traditional styles of bellydance know of any links to websites and/or videos et cetera that can clearly define the different traditional styles and their origins/history, such as gypsy, tribal, et cetera. As I'm getting into oriental dance I'd like to educate myself from more reliable sources! Many thanks to any of you who care to comment, it will be appreciated, also has anyone any knowledge of good DVD's that teach Tribal Belly dance as I'm starting to really like this style too.
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